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Learning lots

Regina does seem to be Where It’s At at the moment, though what It is remains to be seen. House prices are rocketing, the rental market is moving so fast that the few places we’ve looked at haven’t even been advertised on the internet yet because they’ve not been free long enough to post the ad! The place is booming, and many people we meet are being encouraging saying there is a lot of work going at the moment.

Found another apartment this afternoon that would do at least temporarily, though I am not keen on apartments. It is just a case of getting something affordable and comfy until we get ourselves sorted.

But in silly news, we went round a Christmas craft fair this morning and I bought a Canadian Christmas spider. yep, a Christmas Spider. Also got Miranda her first ‘toque’. That is, a bobble hat; it has penguins on it! No idea why they are called Toques (pronounced ‘tooook’). It just about stayed on her head, that is until she woke up properly, pulled it off, dropped it and Carl had to retrace his steps for 3 blocks to go and collect it again! Because of this delay, we missed our bus. However, frantic waving and dejected expression accompanied by my Awesome Gorilla Hat meant it actually stopped again to pick us up. The driver said “I couldn’t not stop for a toque like that.” – this made me Very Happy.

Tried a pint of Regina IPA today. Very nice stuff it is too! We had tried to go to a “slow food pub” but they wouldn’t let us in with Miranda, despite us wanting food as well, and it being 3pm. Grrr.

I had a “buzzsaw” coffee at Roca Jack’s this morning – that is, a strong Americano, but instead of topping the espresso with hot water, it’s topped with dark roast filter coffee, if that makes any sense. Suffice to say, it was very strong and very good indeed. I like this place. Here is an arty pic of their roaster:

Roca Jacks