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2013 in whatever time zone you fancy!

Apparently that celebration of the passing of 365 day block of time has happened again.

I don’t know why but I am getting increasingly cynical about New Years! We did do the required staying-up-til-midnight-drinking-and-being-silly thing last night though. It was very quiet. We did manage to chat online to People from the Future – that is, some friends in the UK who experienced the first few hours of 2013 before we did, which was great. It’s been a very long time since I’ve spoken to them properly. However, it was also a sad night because we also had to drive the parents back to the airport! They spent New Year’s Eve somewhere in the air and the flight crossed 6 time zones, and so they had no idea where they were and what time zone they were in at midnight!

We had a lovely Christmas with them though, and Christmas is not something I can ever get too cynical about! We packed a lot in to their ten days here – not least the many many many shopping trips… we were all spoiled rotten with presents, especially Miranda (of course). We also went to the dinosaur museum, the science centre, the floral gardens (they missed warmth and humidity!), the MacKenzie Art gallery and a boxing day walk around Wascana. Boxing day was the coldest day we’ve experienced so far! It hovered around -28 and -29 all day, but with the wind chill it felt like -40, especially near the lake where it was windier. We had warned the Parents as much as possible about the cold but they were determined… they LOVED it, at least, they loved it out of a window…. They admitted it was a little too much to walk in. We left them on one side of the lake, drove round and collected them again about half a mile further round!

I have a new camera incidentally. It is fantastic!

New camera has panoramic setting. This is the lake.
New camera has panoramic setting. This is the lake.

Christmas day was the normal familial silliness. Miranda really appreciated Christmas – or at least, PRESENTS properly for the first time, as previously she was just too young and was more interested in Boob or Wrapping Paper. She is obsessed with the Octonauts cartoon show, so most things were Octonaut related, and she was ECSTATIC with her big Octopod set. AND she got a lovely wooden trainset from the Parents and Playmobile sets from us and a collection of stacking Penguins. In fact it was a fairly penguin-filled Christmas all round. Father Christmas was very generous… We got the Parents some silly presents, including the 50 Sheds of Grey book(!!) but because of their luggage allowance they had to leave most of their gifts for each other at home! They got us loads as usual though. I have my amazing camera and also a fabulous purple trilby (finally!) and Carl got me a cute but very powerful home espresso machine which is shiny and awesome. I got him a new bass guitar since his last one got stolen in Darlington. It’s left handed and he seems pleased with it! The parents got him all the bits to go with it – an amp, leads, a stand, headphones etc. Now we just need to find someone to jam with!

Christmas Day Mess
Christmas Day Mess. THANK YOU PARENTS!!

Observant readers may have noticed a few references to another of our gifts already: we have a “new” car! The lovely, daft Tamara has given us her old Ford Stationwagon. It is Old and has numerous things that need fixing on it, and other things completely missing (keys, an ignition block, half the exhaust etc) but miraculously, it GOES! We have transport!! Carl is even brave enough to drive it on the snow and ice and is actually enthusiastic about doing it up. It has helped tremendously this week, just getting us all about. We luxuriated in not having to carry the week’s food shopping back on the bus.  Dad even bought us some more flat pack drawer units because we finally had something to bring them home in. We finally ventured further north than 6th Avenue (if just to find Toys R Us!). Amazing.

This leads me nicely on to New Year’s plans. Not resolutions. Plans. One of which is to get my bloody drivers’ licence!! Even this car is automatic and has functional power steering, and it should be simple enough to drive. Under Saskatchewan law I have to wait til April to do my test though.

My parents also gave me these:

Passport (notebooks) for the UK, Cuba, Russia and the USA
Passport (notebooks) for the UK, Cuba, Russia and the USA

None for Canada sadly! I am not planning on becoming a spy in 2013, or attempting to feign citizenship in any of those countries… They are just notebooks, but they are pretty and I intend to use them for pretty positive things. They will be Ideas books. Every day for 2013 I shall write ideas down – be they for novels, my coffee research, for Miranda, for dinner(!) or most importantly, new business ventures…

There are already some in the latter category that I could write pages on…. watch this space.

As usual, here’s some goodies from Twitter:

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions.

and from me:

#2012inatweet: Boredom. Epic betrayal by “friend”. Triumphant emigration. Huge expenses, much stress, many good times, reunion. Snow. RELIEF

#hopesfor2013: new business. new book. world peace. Stop Harper. Stop Cameron. permanent residency. More beer.