About Me

Ever since I met my husband in 1999, we have been talked of emigrating to Canada. He cycled across the country, Montreal to Vancouver in 1995, took him seven and a half weeks and he completely fell in love with the place. He took me out there too, and but unfortunately, real life – jobs, university, lack of money got in the way. Then, our daughter was born last year, and the desire to get out of the UK got far more acute. We think she’d be far better off growing up in Canada.

Back in July, I randomly started applying for jobs, only half seriously. Only, someone DID take me seriously, and offered me a job in Regina, Saskatchewan. This blog starts just as we are about to move over there!

Other stuff to say… I’m Bel, my husband is Carl and our beautiful daughter is Miranda.

I am coffee-obsessed, I’m just finishing my PhD about the coffee industry. In the UK, I opened my coffee shop, Doctor Coffee’s Cafe in 2010 after trundling about in a little coffee van before that. I’m a bit of goth and have a ridiculous amount of Very Large Boots and not enough corsets. We have four idiotic but cute ferrets. I’ve never passed my driving test so I ride a tricycle. I bake deliberately Ugly Cakes and really enjoy cooking (and eating) exotic things. I write all the time, and I’ve been writing novels for Nanowrimo for the past five years.

I am also trying to improve my photography skills, so here’s some pretty pictures of life, the universe and everything:

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there. Enjoyed your blog about Roca Jack’s. I’m working with Tamara on the new web site and liked the photo of their coffee roaster. I was hoping I could use the photo on their site either indefinitely or until I take one myself.

    Let me know what works for you, if anything.


    1. Hi Doug,
      Please help yourself! Don’t mind you using the picture at all. Sadly I don’t think I can send you the original because the memory card got corrupted, so the only copies I have are on this blog or on my google+ profile I think. (Search for Annabel Townsend on there if you want)
      Hopefully see you in Roca Jacks very soon!! And please say hi to Tamara for me.
      – Bel

  2. Hi Bel,

    Thanks for the comment over on my wordpress.com blog.

    I found out about your blog when you followed me on Twitter (I think.) Looking forward to getting to know you better.

    Sadly I have blog remnants all over the place. That wordpress.com blog is an older one that I moved away from a few years back.

    I write more about the bread and bakery (we opened in 2011) at http://orangeboot.ca/

    My personal (and sadly neglected) blog is http://madbaker.com/

    It sounds like you’re back in England. If you make it back to Regina stop by the bakery and say hi!

    1. Hello!
      Yes, back in England sadly await impatiently for my visa/work permit to arrive! It’s taking FOREVER. Hoping to be back over in April and will definitely come visit. I’m hoping to bring my Ugly Cake Company over with me too – not quite up to professional breadmaking but I do make tasty messes!

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