100 Words

I am getting worse and worse at writing this blog. Current excuses are working full time, still doing Wheelie Good Coffee as well, beastling-rearing, and preparing for my book to come out. Still, I realised I was still finding time to waste glaring at Twitter, getting very depressed about the awful state of the world and despairing of humanity. So I quit it – originally for a month, possibly forever.

But I can’t go cold-turkey. I had to replace Twitter with something less soul-sapping. So I looked up 100words.com again. This is the original microblogging site: write exactly 100 words every day, no more, no less. If you don’t complete a 100-word entry every day for a month, the site wipes your whole month. It is good writing practice, especially since I suffer from verbal diaorrhea, plus it forces you to make writing daily become a habit.

I did 100 Word batches for years – before Twitter even existed, before Facebook, when LiveJournal was still a thing instead of WordPress, and blogging was only done by angsty teens. I kept it up for years! And all my entries are still there… which is terrifying. My profile has lots of references to my Vampire thesis, and it was before we got married. There’s even a link to my MySpace profile.

But of course, precisely because it was a million years ago, I no longer have the email that allows me to log in to the site, let alone any recollection of the password. So I have had to start afresh. My username is now Bel (Older not Wiser), and here is my first batch in at least ten years:



2 thoughts on “100 Words

  1. This brings back memories, Bel! I was very active on LiveJournal from about 2007 until a few years ago… luckily I did manage to edit my email from my old hotmail a/c (gave it up as I saw so many people get hacked) to one that I still use, though! It’s both weird and insightful to look back on one’s passions of so long ago… to (mis) use that quote; “it was the best of times and the worst of times…” LOL.
    Because my own angsty teens took place in the 70’s and 80’s my own LJ postings were not angsty so much as Forty-something-flood-gates-creativity… it’s like a graveyard on there now. Sad, but things move on. I’ve maintained my LJ blog, but because it contains a lot of fanfic I don’t tend to publicise it. But they were fun times!

    1. Its both scary that nothing ever truly vanishes on the internet but also reassuring that “history” is being preserved somehow. I do blog (obviously) but I never got into LiveJournal because I still handwrite journals instead. When the inevitable apocalypse comes, those are more likely to survive, haha!

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