Prairie Inspiration

After many visits here, my parents found inspiration in the rather odd looking grain elevators dotted around rural Saskatchewan. Just like this one:


We even came across one on the move, when researching them online:

Mawer – Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Grain Elevator Move:

(That has to be one  of my favourite ever Youtube clips!)

So, Dad being Dad, they are now trying to build one – an 18ft one, to be precise – in their garden. Here is their progress so far.


We may not have majestic mountains or panoramic views or follies or medieval architecture, but we have something inspirational, after all!


3 thoughts on “Prairie Inspiration

  1. Its going to have staircase inside, and hopefully, a bridge leading from the top across to the front lawn. So its a way of getting from the bottom of the garden to the top (not something you might experience in Saskatchewan!)

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