I am knackered.

My tiredness is mainly the result of cycling to and from the splash park (half an hour’s ride away) in 32 degree sunshine, but then, it’s hot and Miranda demands splash park, and the useless buses are more hassle than they’re worth. Amy and I set off at roughly the same time, me on my trike and her trying to find a bus with two kids. She arrived over an hour after I did. (An aside: Regina Transit have done Many Things to the bus network recently, but still there is only one every half an hour if you are lucky, the routes make no sense whatsoever, and every other bus is too narrow for pushchairs and so can’t be used. Oh and there still isn’t one going to the airport!!)

Did I mention the heat? It’s hot.

You’d think, working in an icecream parlour would be luxurious this weather. Far from it. We silently beg people to buy hard icecream so we get a chance to stick our heads in the freezers, but those same freezers give out quite a bit of heat from the back of them. Plus it is a very sticky work environment, which somehow makes it feel hotter! I do really like working there, but I feel like I’ve been working A LOT recently (it’s been busier now the weather is nicer). Here’s our take on customer service:

Sandy has been making Vine videos for #DessartSweets

On one of my two nights off last week, Amy and I went to Word Up Wednesday.  Amy actually competed in the Slam competition, but I was the token “Sacrificial” poet as I just haven’t had enough time to write anything worthy of performance! Mine was about dead goldfish.

Amy, on a minor poetic rant about Beyonce.
Amy, on a minor poetic rant about Beyonce.
My turn!
My turn!

A lot of fun, but I feel like I’ve barely spent any time at home with Carl and Miranda. Carl has had to take over bedtime duties every night I am at work, and then on the odd occasion I have to go out at night as well. Last night I was at the first ALES club exec meeting of the year. ALES is the Ale and Lager Enthusiasts of Saskatchewan group – all our fellow homebrewers. I vaguely volunteered to be on the Exec back in the spring, when I thought I’d have soooo much time to myself with not a lot to do when I first gave up my job to stay home with Miranda. More fool me!! I am apparently the new “communications person”, meaning I am sending out all the group emails and event reminders and so on. Not too much work I suppose, and I’d be at the meetings anyway!

Our latest batches of homebrew have gone down well anyway. Carl is still brewing away since as it works out around 40cents a bottle as opposed to $7.50 a pint in the pub, even the not-so-great attempts are still worth it. We took some up to Jen’s summer get-together at her cabin out by Saskatchewan Beach – had a lovely afternoon, but it is still weird that technically you can’t drink in public….

Currently drinking, wheat beer and bock. Waiting for Pilsner to ferment. Next project, raspberry fruit beer!
Currently drinking, wheat beer and bock. Waiting for Pilsner to ferment. Next project, raspberry fruit beer!
Miri at the beach! (not with beer!)
Miri at the beach! (not with beer!)

If that weren’t enough to be getting on with, I had an interesting meeting the other day with Bernadette, who I know vaguely through various poetry slam events, but mainly through just being in Cathedral Village. It is a small place really! She is the chair of the Cathedral Arts Festival organising committee for next year’s festival, and she asked me to be the voluntary Communications coordinator for next year. I gaily said yes, because I’ve loved the arts festival for the past two years and it would be great to get involved in it all properly. However, it all kicks off in January, preparing for the festival at the end of May, and as per usual, I have absolutely no idea what I will be doing come January…

I really hope to be working by then anyway. My icecream job is only for the summer, so by October we will be back to being painfully broke again. I had a sort of job interviewy type of thing this week, which was fairly positive if not to the point of actually getting me a job. I’d applied for a position with Farm Credit Canada, doing marketing/communications type things and working on their trade magazine. I didn’t get that job, but the guy hiring for the position wanted to meet me anyway, says I have useful skills, that I would fit in well with their company culture, and that “great things will come my way”. I’ve just got to keep in touch and keep persevering with job applications there. All good to hear, but it doesn’t actually change my current job status!

I hate to admit it, but Zenab Nur is not getting anywhere with her erotic novel. I got as far as the first juicy bit, but otherwise I just haven’t had time to write much more than my dead goldfish poem. I am also (more usefully perhaps) working on a little how-to guide for home baristas for my coffee consulting thingy, but that is taking FOREVER as well.  Our other bit of news means that I may just get some more time to myself in the coming weeks though. The news is, we may have found Miranda a place for pre-school! Or rather, pre-kindergarten. It’s at Connaught school, (the one we are trying to save from demolition…I got on TV about it. See below!)  and it’s four mornings a week. I think she’ll love it! We went for a tour yesterday, and she didn’t want to leave. And I get nearly ten blissful child-free hours a week! YAY!

Connaught School heritage recognized | Watch GlobalNews Videos

More to the point though, how on earth is Miranda old enough to go to pre-school??? (disclaimer: this is “pre-kindergarten”, for 3 and 4 yr olds, very play-based and half days only. In Canada, they start Real School properly at age 6 – much more sensible in my opinion!) Where did the time go??? I still remember writing blogs, and my thesis, from this position:

Ahhh, the good old days, when she used to nap!
Ahhh, the good old days, when she used to nap!

My baby’s got BIG and all growed up!!


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