An argument with a hula hoop, and other (mis)adventures.

Kim (of the Early Years Family Centre fame) told me I ought to write a book today. (Another one?) This time, the Adventures of Miranda. Reason being, Miri turned up to the playschool for the last two days with a massive black eye! The explanation goes as follows…

Last weekend was the Regina Folk Festival – yep, another festival, and we attended all the free parts of it. Also as per usual, there were a collection of ‘hippies with hula hoops’. Miranda was playing around, and I started hula hooping, but Miri suddenly decided to run towards me joyfully. I thought she’d see the hoop and stop (it was massive and striped green and pink!) but noooooooo, silly girl ran right into it at eye -height and gave herself a massive shiner! Poooor baby…

Moi, attempting hula-hoops
Moi, attempting hula-hoops
Miri at the festival, pre-hula hoop accident
Miri at the festival, pre-hula hoop accident

Fortunately, this did not stop her rushing about with Emma, dancing like a loon with Marianne and I, trying “guerilla knitting”, making a bandana with bingo dabbers, beatboxing, listening to a storyteller and playing on the playground with Bryony. For once though, all the excitement got too much for her and she fell asleep in the pushchair, allowing us to have an uninterrupted beer with James too! Another sunny, exhausting and fun weekend.

James has been staying with us for the last couple of weeks. This is the result.

James is pondering the next section of his Epic Voyage, and even promises to start blogging about it. I’ve lost track of where he’s headed, but I found this the other day, and thought it appropriate. Worked for us!



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