GUEST POST: Michelle Birbeck, “Canadaland”

Canadaland – A Place I Really Want To Visit.

There is something fantastic about the land of maple syrup, something that makes me want to get on a plane and come say hello. These days I have any number of excuses to get on that plane, but an unfortunate lack of funds (at least at the moment!). So I thought I would share some of the reasons I think Canada is great, even though I haven’t yet managed to visit.

For a start, I have friends there now! Wonderful, fantastic friends who I miss lots. They’re as crazy as I am, and sometimes more so, which in my world is the same thing as utterly brilliant. They’ve been gone from the UK for over a year now, and it has been a long year.

But they’re not the only reason I want to come over and visit. See, I’m an author, and people pay me to sit at home and make stuff up. So I make stuff up about places I really want to visit, slipping in little references and stories of far away places, so one day I can go visit and say it’s a business expense.

Canada is one of those places. For me it is not only the home of maple syrup (which is beautiful stuff, by the way!), but it is also home to the Canadian Bears. I’m not talking about a sports team, either. I’m talking wereanimals.

My first book, The Last Keeper, has five races of Weres: the Cats of England, the Congo Lions, Brazilian Panthers, the Wolves of Russia, and the Canadian Bears. The Bears are stout looking people who live scattered through the wilderness, rarely speaking with each other outside of the full moon. When they get together, they turn into… well, Bears. They love the freedom of Canada, and I’m pretty sure they’re all fans of maple syrup, too!

They don’t hibernate in the winter like real bears, though, and prefer to roll around in the snow and play games. The young ones are always getting into trouble sneaking off to scare poor humans, and have enjoyed a stereotypical picnic or two.

And as if I needed more reason to come over and visit, my second book, Last Chance, begins with the main couple, Serenity and Ray, coming back to England after living in Canada for a decade or so. Serenity wasn’t so much a fan of the winters, but Ray, being a vampire, had a soft spot for them.

So even though I have never been to Canada, it is a place that I love very much, and absolutely want to come visit one day. In the meantime, I will keep writing in more reasons to visit, just to keep me tempted.

owl Michelle Birbeck is an author from Hartlepool, UK. She writes loads of things, but recently the first two books in her “Keepers Chronicles” series have been published, and her first Young Adult book, The Stars Are Falling is coming out soon.

TheLastKeeper_Cover (2)
Cover 2 Rework 6 - chelle edit - 300 dpi


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