8 things you’d never expect to say in public

It has now been nearly two months since I gave up my job to be a SAHM (stay at home mum) after Carolina left and Miranda’s beloved daycare closed. It’s been an experience, to say the least! A very steep learning curve: Miri and I had to get used to each other again. A year is a mighty long time when you are not yet 3, and so I’m not sure how much of Life Before Daycare Miri actually remembers! I’ve also spent our year here working pretty much full time as well without Miri around, and even before that, I was working full time at my cafe since she was five months old, so not working now is very difficult to get used to!
(Well actually, I feel like I am working twice as hard at a much more demanding job now, especially trying to juggle Miri with my coffee consulting! But never mind…)

We have had our ups and downs, but on the whole I’ve enjoyed it so far. I am applying for jobs if I see anything that looks interesting and financially plausible (ie: enough to cover childcare AND make it worth disrupting Miri and my routines again!) But I am in no hurry, and fortunately, not under much pressure to get any job again.

Now summer is finally here, we have been very busy. I said this last year and I’ll say it again, there is so much to do in Regina! (Innuendo fully intentional) Tea parties with robot dinosaurs (you read that right), plenty of workshops at the libraries, free sessions at the JUNO awards and so on. Also, with thanks to Amy for introducing me, I’ve joined a few local parents’ groups, which give Miri a chance to hang around with her friends, and me the opportunity to talk to other adults occasionally! I’ve met a lot of new people and have got to be a lot more social than I expected. None of the stuck-in-the-house-bored-and-miserable scenario that I was dreading.

For her part, Miranda has adjusted fairly well, and I make sure we’re busy enough to mean that she’s not bored and doesn’t miss her daycare too much. It is very important to me that she sees her friends, she does need company at the moment. Luckily, we’ve managed to keep in touch with almost all her little friends, with the exception of Roady, which is very sad as he was the one she talked about most. Unfortunately I barely knew his parents, who are both very busy anyway, and I just haven’t managed to arrange any playdates with them. Outside the confines of daycare, however, Miri is busy testing boundaries – with me and with her friends. She is… assertive, shall we say, and hasn’t quite got the hang of sharing, (easy at daycare since everything was everybody’s, but much harder when I get her to share Her Own toys when her friends come to play!) and will lash out when frustrated. She is also affectionate to the point of casual violence and frequently knocks her smaller friends flying whilst trying to hug them…


She is only three…well, not even three yet. This is still the Era of Tantrums and boundary-testing and “transitioning.” I know this is normal and to be expected, but I can’t say it’s that easy to handle!  To this end, I have compiled a list of the things I’ve found myself saying out loud, usually in public spaces, which I never imagined having to intone quite so frequently:

1. Don’t eat that sausage! Put it down! Yuk! Dirty!

(She found half a hotdog that someone had dropped in the park and tried to eat it. “No it’s not dirty Mummy! Tasty!”)

2. No you do not need to jump in every single puddle you see…

(She has new boots, this is reason enough to jump in puddles apparently)

3.That is not your pet rock, that belongs in the fish tank, your pet rock is this one. No it is not going to hatch, sorry!

(this arguments went on for a full ten minutes, and resulted in heartbroken howling when I refused to fish the rock out of the tank for her)

4. Please try not to strangle your friends. I know you just want to hug her but you’re hurting Norah/Maddy/that random kid you’ve just met.

(Miri doesn’t yet know the difference between affectionate embrace and a headlock)

5. Miri! That boy doesn’t want to be chased!

6. Mummy is not a trampoline, darling

(Or a stepladder, for that matter)

7. No, you don’t need to lay in the fountain.

8. Sweetheart, Mummy’s nipples do NOT sound the Octoalert! No, please don’t check…

(I am really not going to explain this one)

It Is Exhausting! But I wouldn’t change her for the world 🙂


3 thoughts on “8 things you’d never expect to say in public

  1. Oh my!!! I have to say though, I’m glad you are getting a sort-of break from it all (I know from experience, i.e. the kid in Nica, that it is not a break AT ALL) but you have been working v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v. hard and I’m glad you are now getting a good run at socialising, even if it is just mums and dads… but it is important! You sound as if you are doing well with the terrible two and three so congratulate yourself! Lots of love chiiica xxxx

    1. Cheers me dears! I’m not sure about the “break” business but it is good to spend time with her while she is still small, even if small does not mean any less destructive! I’ve just applied for a job though, as a research specialist. Someone actually wants a social science degree!! Stunning. I’m not holding my breath cos it’s a long shot, and it felt very weird applying for something that isn’t coffee-related, but I do have the skills and experience they wanted, so you never know. That would mean more major upheavals but believe it or not, Miri can start pre-school in September and then next year it’s kindergarten!! Aaaaargh! where has the time gone??

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