“Totally a true Canadian thing to do!”

We went to a hockey game!
Carl won tickets to the Regina Pats vs Edmonton Oil Kings game the other night, so we trooped along with Miri, and Tamara acting as our token Canadian translator. I had no idea what was going on, I had a lot of beer, there was a fight, Miri got given the official game puck, and Regina lost. Good times!

In three weeks time, Miranda and I will have been here a year!! It’s incredible to think like that. It has gone pretty quick.

So, I have attended my first hockey game, bought a Roughriders shirt (as a gift, admittedly), we’ve shovelled a helluva lot of snow, learned to ice skate fairly well and generally survived our first winter, we won a latte on Tim Horton’s Roll up the Rim offer, we ate Canadian bacon drizzled with maple syrup for breakfast (once. Once is enough!), I now know what a zamboni and a toque is, and I’ve caught Miri saying “eh?” already and she does say “sorry” for no reason sometimes too.

Oh and I found out who Stompin Tom is/was…on the day he died. Twitter announced it. “RIP Stompin Tom. Please everyone, comfort your nearest Canadian…”

We haven’t yet seen a moose, but otherwise, we think we’ve truly embraced Canada!!

Better yet, thanks to Carl’s wonderful employers, we have got our work permits renewed officially for another two years!!!! This should give us enough time to apply for permanent residency! Yay! Watch out Saskatchewan – we’re here to stay!



2 thoughts on ““Totally a true Canadian thing to do!”

  1. Can’t believe it’s a year already. I know it cant have been easy in the first few months but sounds like you’re settling in really well?
    Love reading your blog. ♥

    1. Yep, a year on 4th April! It’s been a complete rollercoaster emotionally but we’re so glad we made it. Definitely worth it!! How are you doing?

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