I have supposedly achieved a lot in the past few weeks. First of all, my big news is that I finally have my book out!! It is painfully expensive but I had no say in the pricing sadly, and it is an academic book and I’ve spent the last ten years complaining about how much the ones I needed for uni cost, so fair’s fair! It is a re-working of my PhD thesis, anyway, hopefully tweaked sufficiently so it is accessible by non-academics/geeks. Click the picture to be taken to its place on Amazon!

I got published!
I got published!

Following on from a previous blog post on here, I finished Nanowrimo! I nearly gave up half way through because I decided I hated all my characters and that what I was writing was utter tripe (it was, but the point is to just write – doesn’t have to be any good!!) But I was spurred on by friends all putting in mammoth efforts and completing it, so I somehow managed to write the last 20,000 words in about 5 days! Only had an hour to spare on the 30th but a Winner am I!

I did it!
I did it!

Finally, the other week I got a very strange phone call (the second strangest phone call of the week actually, after “Hi Bel, it’s Jeff, just got back from Australia, do you want a lift to Walmart?”) – from New York, specifically the people at Stanford Who’s Who. They apparently found me on LinkedIn and think I am successful, or at least, interesting enough to be included. Mind you, I can’t imagine there are many published-coffee-doctor-immigrants so being successful in my “field” is quite easy really! I am still rather incredulous actually, but I have a posh certificate and a mugshot going in the ‘Black Book’ for 2012, and I’m happy with that!

Who's Who? (I am Me.)
Who’s Who?
(I am Me.)

Otherwise though, I’ve been feeling a bit bored and frustrated. I love my life in Canada and I’m looking forward to our first Christmas out here sooooo much! However, jobwise I think it is safe to say I am not really being challenged. All these certificates and stuff seem pretty insignificant when it doesn’t actually lead me to where I want to go, especially when I’m not sure where that is anyway. I am here, I am as sorted as the bureaucratic minefield that is the temporary foreign worker scheme allows me to be, but in my head this is far from It. After all the stresses of Darlington and our eventual escape (there is no other word really!) I needed a rest and to give myself a break. Well, to my mind, I’ve had enough of rest now and I am eager for the next challenge. I just need to find one. Bring it on, world!


2 thoughts on “Achievements?

  1. Congratulations on all that you’ve achieved and whilst moving to another country and starting a new job! INSPIRING! Give yourself a break Bel, otherwise the rest of us will feel even more like lazy good-for-nothings in comparison! H x

  2. Haha, I certainly don’t feel lazy, I’m exhausted!! But the tiring things are also the boring things sadly. How goes it with you anyway? Feels like a long time since I heard from you. Any luck on the job front? Are you doing book signings in Montreal sometime soon?! Or have you jacked it all in for a career in standup comedy yet?

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