Whitby Gothic Style and many more eccentricities that I miss!

Yesterday my good friend, Kayhem Maus posted this:

In my opinion, it is nothing less than THE BEST THING ON THE INTERWEB!

Gangnam style is so annoying that even the numerous parodies are now loathsome, but Goths being Very Silly and laughing at themselves is the essence of Whitby Goth Weekend, and I miss it all a great deal! Can’t sing, can’t dance, can survive in heels on cobbles. Perfect.
Other random things I miss: (not a long list!)

  • Greggs pasties
  • Corsets-uk.com
  • Waterstones (yeah, there are better bookshops, but I miss the ubiquity of having one in every town! There’s only one new bookshop in the whole of Regina and it involves a 20 min bus ride)
  • The concept of a “high street” that you can wander around on foot.
  • Ultra cheap places like Primark, Netto and Wetherspoons. (sure the quality is a lot better everywhere else but there is definitely a market for Cheap Crap here!)
  • Hills and the sea.
  • I say this every time, but Supermarket Booze.

And of course, my daft, vaguely goth friends!


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