Another radio jaunt

I’ve just rediscovered this, from an interview I did last month!

Original Article, Here.

Family reunited in Regina just in time for Thanksgiving

Reported by Chelsea Laskowski
First Posted: Oct 7, 2012 7:12pm | Last Updated: Oct 9, 2012 9:52am

Thanksgiving is a great excuse to spend time with family and delicious food, and this weekend one family is doing just that after spending four months apart.

Annabelle Townsend moved to Regina with her daughter earlier this year. Her husband was stuck back in England trying to find a job that could reunite him with his family.

She struggled to settle into her fulltime job and raise her daughter alone while husband Carl was stuck overseas.

“It’s not easy looking after a two year old anyway when you’re working full time, but also being in a town where you know no one,” said Townsend.

When Carl Townsend finally got off the plane in Regina it was the start of a new life, and a chance for his daughter to see her dad for the first time in months.

“I told Miranda, my daughter, that daddy had gone to live in the computer because we were only talking by Skype and stuff. And then all of a sudden daddy was there and her face lit up,” said Annabelle.

For her, there’s a lot to celebrate.

“We will be celebrating I guess, because we’re very thankful that we actually, finally made it over to Canada.”

She said sitting down at the table with her small family will help the reality of their new life sink in.

“Being all together again makes it feel kind of final.”

Edited by CJME’s Lisa Schick.


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