Month: August 2012

Getting out and about

Looooong time no post – again!!

Well, Carl is here and settling in really well, seems to be really enjoying his new job, which is brilliant. We also have a lovely big new house! Miranda has been “adjusting” – this is a euphemism for Being an Awkward Little Madam. It’s not really surprising: Daddy suddenly reappearing, and then moving house was a big upheaval for her. She now has her own room, with her own toddler bed (she’s outgrown the cot), there are monkeys on her sheets, a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge teddy bear that we rescued from the rubbish bin(?!) and even a tunnel in the back of her cupboard in the bedroom that she can go hunting for Narnia in, or something. But would she sleep in it? No. For the first few nights she just fought sleep until after 11pm when we eventually gave up and took her to bed with us, then when we got sick of that and insisted she stay in her room, she wailed and howled and sobbed heartbreakingly, then woke up in the middle of the night and crawled into our bed again anyway. She has gotten used to the idea now and sleeps fine (but only after 9pm still) but instead she’s now refusing to use the potty or to brush her teeth. General AAAARGHS.

I showed in the last post how pleased she was to see her Daddy again after so long, and then last week, we finally got the ferrets back too! The Business has Landed. Moving ferrets transatlantic is another incredibly complicated bureaucratic nightmare, and more expensive and frustrating even than getting the LMO was, I think! It was impossible to do without employing the services of a specialised shipping company, who unfortunately, were next to useless. The ferrets were supposed to be on the same flight as Carl, but eventually showed up 3 weeks later. So many things went wrong!! So many missing pieces of paper and hidden costs! Not fun, especially not for Carl as he had to deal with it all from the UK without me. But they are here now, they also have a lovely big new house (a large cage in the basement, that is) and Miranda is hopping about, ridiculously excited about all things “ferritz”! She even dances about with them, trying to copy their war dancing!

Pancake is Miri’s favourite, apparently

Anyway, with family life back to “normal” – whatever that may mean, I was fully intending to use my sudden pOn otential abundance of free time (ie: with Carl babysitting) to Do Useful Stuff. Namely finishing the damn PhD revisions, getting some of my papers ready for publishing and so on, plus some other work-related projects I wanted to start. So far, that has failed to happen….

Another priority was Getting Out More and Meeting People. I want to make more friends here locally, and there’s a lot of things I want to start going to if I ever get the chance – things like book groups and salsa classes and the like, none of which you can do easily with a small child in tow. As yet, this too has failed.

And the reasons for failure? Well, work is still exhausting and even though I finish mid-afternoon now, I have to be in there at 7.30am and that is a killer. I don’t understand why eight hours feels so much longer when you start it at 7.30 than it does if you start at 9am…

On a much more positive note though, there are just too many things happening in Regina for me to have Study Days. It seems like every weekend there is Something Happening, be it a festival, a local celebration or a public holiday. Since “summer” began, we’ve been to:

I Love Regina day (yes, that is actually a Thing)

Father’s Day party at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum,

Gay Pride Weekend

Canada Day celebrations

The Summer Invasion

The Regina Fringe Festival

Queen City Ex

Megamunch-the-dinosaur’s 65000026th birthday party

Saskatchewan Day Cheap Beer (ok, so not an official event, but good anyway)

Regina Folk Festival

…as well as all the little outings we’ve done ourselves such as the outdoor swimming pool, the Science Centre, storytimes at the library, plenty of bike rides and the water park. Last weekend we sadly missed the Ukrainian Fall Festival and Symphony under the Skies, but on Monday (yet ANOTHER public holiday, this time Labour Day) we are going to the Labour Day Picnic in the Legislature Building gardens. Mainly because of the promise of free hotdogs and yet more facepainting.  We are also looking forward to the Festival of Mustard in a few weeks’ time.

Before anyone comments… I know, I know, this is Summer, and everything shuts down in winter, and I won’t feel the same way about this place when its -40 outside and you can’t leave the house… I know. I have been warned about Winter from everyone I’ve ever met in Saskatchewan, and quite a few outside it too.

But for now, I continue to love this place. I love the fact that there is so much going on, I love the community spirit and the any-excuse, monthly public holidays. I love the fact that the vast majority of these events cater to children (kids even get to paint with mustard at the mustard festival apparently), and better still that they are all (at least partially) free to the public.

Regina is NOT a boring place to live, whatever the coastal-dwellers tell you.