CVAF Day 5: Dance

Toooooooooo tiiiiiiiiireeeed. Will explain tomorrow.


[Saturday edits]

Still tired.

Well, I’d like to think of yesterday as quite a success. For various non-blogable reasons, Tanneille couldn’t come in yesterday so I said I’d do her shift, which meant opening up the place and getting in for 6am – not as bad as it sounds given it takes me a whole 16 seconds to get to work. Such a tiring commute, I tell you. But   the I am an idiot and because there is no off switch for my brain, I got very, very little sleep the night before. I learned, as part of Cathedral Village arts festival, that this building used to be a Jesuit College! It is an old building in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Regina, so its not really surprising it has some interesting history. As I mentioned in the last post though, Thursday night was very wet, wild and windy, and even though I tried to go to bed early, the howling wind and odd creaks and thumps of wind in trees/general old building groans/rain dripping from leaky gutter/etc etc got me completely paranoid – firstly that someone was breaking in to the cafe, and then as I was falling asleep, that the ghosts of old Jesuits were going to come and eat me or something. You know, the usual sort of late night sensibilities…

Anyway, the wildness of Thursday seemed to have blown itself away by morning, and Friday, whilst not actually being hot, was sunny and warm. And the penultimate day of the festival. Queue the whole world and their mum  coming in for veggie burgers, and my most hated of all drinks, the Large London Fog (not invented in London – see here!) It was the busiest I’ve seen it so far in the afternoon, with four of us doing the high speed dance around the kitchen trying to keep on top of it all. Even though I was supposed to finish at 2pm, I couldn’t leave Ashten on her own with a queue out the door, so I stayed put until 4. Ten hour days do not do me any good!!

Miranda, on the other hand, got a lot of sleep the previous night; she went to bed earlier than usual without a fight for once, and managed to sleep through me getting up to go to work so early. I just left her up there while I set up and opened the cafe, (which I always worry about doing, always needlessly). When Ashten arrived three hours later, I went to check on Miri and she was still asleep. I had to actually wake her up to get her to daycare! By evening, she was still merrily bouncing around, so I summoned the energy to take her to Artesian, which is a live music/concert venue that I’ve never yet managed to explore. There was a show on which said it was suitable for all ages, by a group called FadaDance. All young teenagers by the look of them, so some sort stage school I imagine. The place was packed out though so we had to stand at the back, there were no seats left! Miri squeezed through and managed to get good view from the front of the balcony. Fadadance were very good, but I don’t really get “dance” performances – I need a sort of narrative. Sure, they moved well and it was all very pretty, but it didn’t ‘speak to me’ and I wouldn’t have a clue what it was supposed to be about. Miri was utterly, completely transfixed though! She loved it! I’ve only ever seen her that enchanted by taking her to see Sesame Street Live!

When we went to the gig the previous night, she did sort of jig about a bit, and she certainly loves her music, and will drum happily with anything that comes to hand. She also headbangs with me 🙂 Maybe she’ll be a dancer?? I just hope she hasn’t inherited my clumsiness and total lack of coordination!

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