The Coffee House is not going to get posted about tonight because I am TOO TIRED! I’ve done my first full, 40 hour week this week, I got my first pay packet too, (which sadly ALL has to go on rent and/or Miri’s daycare!) and although I am completely exhausted, I am enjoying it! I think I am slowly getting the hang of the place, and familiarising myself with it. It’s just difficult getting to grips with my role there because I don’t feel yet like I can really take charge, just because I don’t know the place, or the staff well enough to do so confidently. The staff are fun and friendly though, and the customers are chatty and generous with the tips!! (A Canadian phenomenon I just cannot get used to!!) So it’s all good, and I know it will get there.

I have been having a few mini adventures with coffee though, over on my other blog:

I may be “looking for patterns” slightly here, but the number 13 keeps popping up at the moment. I live on 13th Avenue, I work at 13th Avenue Coffee House (and of course it was them that finally got us out here), I found a range of gothy clothes here called Lucky 13, Miri was born on 13th June, and Carl and I have been together 13 years this year – the year we finally emigrated. And today I made a tower of 13 coffee pucks before it fell over!! πŸ™‚ Not so unlucky for me I reckon!!


30th April (Rohan Day)

I got the tattoo!

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