I should probably go to bed….

…because it is nearly midnight.

But I don’t want to go to bed alone! (Even if I have got my new, comfy bed back again. This is a long story but in brief, Carl does not like The New Bed because he claims it gives him a bad back. Because I am a nice person, I agreed to let him reinflate the airbed for the past two nights to help his back recover, and my arse has sunk into the airbed both nights and I’ve been waking up with numb legs. This does not a happy Bel make. But aaaaaaaaaanyway…)

My lovely Carly-Warly has had to fly back home – well, to our old home. This is Not Right and Not Fair and shouldn’t have happened. I am sure my Mum would happily post us the ferrets!! He should be coming back at some point over the summer, and then moving out here permanently in September, but until then Miranda and I are on our own here, and Carl has to go back to Dreary Darlington without either of us! Waaaaaaaaaa!!!

So I sat downstairs in the Coffee House tonight with a few beers and the award-winning and Mahoosive “burrito grande” – and Miranda, who ate a small mountain of pita bread and plaintain chips and then started finger painting with salsa and sour cream and charming the couple next to us. It is official: I  live there, work there and even voluntarily hang around there in the evenings. Yep, I am that weird loner in the corner that you’re never sure whether to talk to or back away from…..

Apart from the lack of hectic social life however, I am really enjoying it all. I’ve survived three full shifts at the Coffee House and it’s been fun. The others there are daft as brushes (a phrase I had to explain to them!), they’ve all helped a lot and they agree that our lives would be immeasurably easier if it weren’t for those pesky customers; I’ve quickly learned that, similar to other coffee shops I’ve worked in, most of the gadgets used in the kitchen work far better if you sing at them, the POS system at the till has a mind of its own, emptying the dishwasher gives you a free facial sauna, and ‘Lime’ is the best flavoured syrup bottle with which to prop open the window. I do get a lot of comments on my accent too- on the positive side, it gets me a lot of tips, but on the otherhand, no one seems to understand me when I answer the phone for deliveries!!

Exciting Coffee Adventures should begin on Monday, and next week I will actually be doing the coffee-hours I wanted to do (more mornings and less evenings, so I get more “cafe” customers and don’t have to worry so much about the restaurant food). There is a lot to do, and I have a lot of ideas to begin putting in to place, from the simple improvements to madly over-ambitious schemes that I will need to run past The Bosses first. It is exciting!! This weekend is going to be tough as it is the first one without Carl – and I am not looking forward to when Miri realises that Daddy isn’t coming back for aaaaaaaaages (he’s gone to live in the computer!!) I just hope that the new job and all the new projects are enough to stop me missing him too much!


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