Is the Zombie Apocalypse coming???

Several suspicious coincidences have caught my attention recently. Although Friday 13th was yesterday, and Nothing Bad Happened (in fact, the worst disaster this week was on Thursday 12th when the Cooperative Bank back in the UK completely and utterly ballsed up my account – but that is a different story), it seems that the general environment here in Regina is giving us little hints of impending doom.

When we came over, the strict and impractical luggage allowances meant that I only took a handful of paperback books with me. The first that came to hand was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I have been reading it in the bath here. “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.” With this in mind, the following discoveries should not be dismissed too easily.

First, I found these critters outside City Hall.

Definitely Undead in my opinion.

I don’t know who they were before they were stricken, but they’re pretty scary now!

This morning, we joined the library. Our local branch, Connaught, has a good selection, but the first thing I found, and thus, the first book I ever borrowed from a Canadian library, is “Zombie Cupcakes“.

Some great inspiration for The Ugly Cake Company in here.

Picking up the library’s ‘What’s On’ guide, I then discovered there is a “Zombie Apocalyse” evening on 30th April to kick off “Zombie Awareness Month” in Regina. And the panel includes “Cassie Ozog: University of Regina Masters Student and resident zombie expert” and even someone from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention!! We are advised to attend in our “best zombie hunter costumes.” If that were not enough, on 28th April there is also an event for children 9yrs old and up, where they can attend a workshop and learn to make “zombie felties”. Should this sort of thing be encouraged?!

Click here for more on The Zombie Apocalypse Evening
Finally, I got home and checked my google+ page, only to find someone had sent me this:


I’m telling you, Something Is Afoot. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

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