I’ve been collecting bits for the Bel Bracelet for a while now. The collection first started many years ago when my adoptive family in Peru sent me the beginnings of it as a birthday gift. Then I found it again recently and have been adding to it. It may look like a pile of junk round my wrist, and actually it’s now a bit too heavy to wear for long periods of time and catches on things annoyingly. However, the idea is, every individual element in the Pile of Junk represents some important aspect of my life – and it is coming to Canada with me accordingly.

1: A bell. For Bel. Obviously.

2: A boot, representing Nicaragua. Where I wore highly inappropriate footwear for months until I found the handmade cowboy boot shop.

3: Bottle of wine, to represent all the drinking sessions with all my wonderful friends over the years, in particular the Chapmen/Bennetts with their “interesting homebrew”

4: Chilli pepper, for Carl who smothers everything in Encona sauce and tried to grow chillies on his window sill at work.

5: Cookbook: I haz writed one. It’s Ugly.

6: Comedy and tragedy masks: for my various thesbian dabblings, on stage, behind it, above it and writing for it. Also representing my favourite Techies, Hils and D.

7: Turtle representing Costa Rica, in particular our unsuccessful turtle spotting trip in Playa Tamarindo where La Andie and I drank a lot of rum and translated sweary insults into Spanish instead.

8: Spider, from Whitby Goth Weekend

9: The original alpaca silver Peruvian llama charm

10: Graduate mortar board – for the DECADE I’ve spent at university!

11: Giant Cake – one of many from The Ugly Cake Company

12: Moon – for Miranda, or “Miri-Miri-Moon-Moon-Moomin-Cheese”  (this is a long story)

13: Pig from Peru – I used to be obsessed with pigs, and collected them. I still have a soft spot for the critters.

14: Passport, representing all our travels, and of course, emigration.

15: Saturn, representing Carl’s astronomy and also Miranda’s middle name. Dione is a moon of Saturn.

16: Teapot, symbolising my parents and their addiction/love of tea.

17: Bike – well, I couldn’t find a trike! Carl and I both love cycling.

18: Lego brick – thanks to Hils and D for this. My brother Rohan always adored his lego so this is for him.

19: Book – for the 6 years I’ve done of Nanowrimo

20: Binky the bike – I had a scooter called Binky. He was a well-loved heap of crap. This also represents my cousin Ol who took it upon himself to try and get me through my motorbike test. I failed. Three times.

But what is this, no coffee?? I hear you cry! Well, when I wear this thing, it sits next to the coffee bean tattooed on my wrist. And I have coffee bean earrings and a coffee necklace. I hate to admit it, but there is more to life. Sometimes.

There’s not much room to add any more to this now, but I may need to get a Tim Horton’s doughnut charm in the future. Or a beaver. What would represent Regina?



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