“Tweet away – LMO is approved!”

I am now at liberty to “blog my head off!!”

I do feel a little like my head has fallen off actually. That sensation is a welcome relief from the stress of the last few months where my head has felt like it was trying to curl in on itself and implode. I was contemplating trephination, but a positive Labour Market Opinion is possibly a less risky solution…


A mere FIFTEEN WEEKS AND FOUR DAYS after we applied for it… talk about backlog!!

Emma seems highly relieved too, can’t wait to meet up with them both again!

What this means in a practical terms is that we can now fly out, and get my work permit stamped at the port of entry, ie: Calgary airport. There are some advantages of the Commonwealth and being a UK national after all. If I were coming from anywhere else in Europe I’d be stuck waiting another few months for the work permits to be approved by the Canadian embassy at home! From then on, I am legally allowed to work (and pay taxes!) at the coffee shop in Regina.  It is employer-specific, so I have to stay at 13th Avenue for a year at least. Fine by me!! The best bit is though, as Carl is my spouse, he gets to come with me and automatically gets an Open work permit, so when he finds a job over there, he doesn’t have to go through this whole LMO process himself! Lucky sod.

We’re all official!! And today I booked the flights. (was intending to do it earlier but we had to see how long Carl could get off work… he’s coming out for just over 2 weeks this time, then unfortunately he has to come back, and carry on working until September when his redundancy comes through! Waa!!)

So I actually have a One Way Ticket!!!

I’ve never owned a one way flight ticket before. EEEP!!

I am sure there are plenty of jokesl to be made out of “I’ve got a ticket for Regina” or “single entry only”… I’ll await the blog comments from the usual suspects….

I am somewhere in between knicker-wettingly excited to gibbering-in-the-corner with nerves now.

Of course, we needed to celebrate. We cracked open an eleven year old bottle of wine that has been gathering dust in the corner of the kitchen. We bought it for under £5 from the Kwiksave supermarket behind our old house in Chester-le-Street in 2001. It’s Chilean cab sav and says it ages well, so we kept it “for a special occasion”. We could never decide on what occasion would warrent its opening (not the birth of our daughter, the opening of my coffee shop nor handing in my PhD thesis!) so it has sat there, rejected,ever since, and even moved house with us in 2004. Aging it definitely improved it – it is incredibly strong tasting now, almost smokey!! But its one of the last bottles we’ll be able to pick up for under a fiver in a supermarket – from now on, it’ll all have to come from a Liquor Store. Hmm!

We first started talking about moving to Canada more than eleven years ago, before we bought that bottle anyway, so I think it is very fitting that we glugged the stuff on the eve of finally doing it!


Here’s some pictures of us getting excited, in case you’d missed the general vibe of this post.

With the aforementioned Old Wine.
"Mother, you are embarrassing me!"
I missed Carl, but then he hates being in photos anyway! He is excited too. Just in a quieter way than me.

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