Mug shot

I wish I could say it’s all finally happening! Flights are going to get booked this weekend (we hope), and after various dramas, we sat up til 1.45am talking to Canadians on Skype the other night. As always, it isn’t quite working out in the way we’d planned or expected, but then, nothing ever does. But the wait is soooo nearly over, and it was an enormous relief to actually talk to Emma properly. It helped me to appreciate this is actually happening: via email seems so remote!

However, there is still a ridiculous amount of stuff to sort out at both ends, not least Miranda and our house. So, with the exception of the “light relief” in form of ghastly pictures below, this will be my last blog post for a while – just waaaay too much to worry about at the moment!!

Here’s the light relief: I’ve got to send ID photos off, “endorsed” by someone who ‘works in one of the listed occupations’ and has known me for two years. Right now, I cannot think of a single person who fits that description – in Darlington at least. We are all unemployed or perma-students. This is part of the reason why I want to leave!!

Mind you, who would actually want to endorse this?!

Bloody awful isn’t it?


4 thoughts on “Mug shot

    1. he would, but I can’t afford to get down to Sheffield again to see him and I kinda need to get it sent off by Monday! You’d do as well, but I can’t get up to see you again either…. Personal license holders (ie: alcohol) are included so I’m gonna go try the pub manager…

  1. If that fails, send me an electronic copy. Although the signature might be an issue, I’m sure you could just print it off and sign it yourself. As long as they can contact me to verify what I wrote, all should be good šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, but we’re sorted now! As with most things in life, the dillemma was solved by a trip to the pub. (We found a “professional” of some description in there….make of that what you will!)

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