The other day I posted this rather nauseating little meme on Google+ in an effort to try and stay positive.

Time to be assertive and try to snap out of the malaise. I think success is knowing yourself, knowing your passions and being true to them. Doing something that’s ‘not you’ always ends in failure. I have not succeeded yet, but i have tried bloody hard – and i’ll never regret trying. Best of all, i know what i’m capable of & what i love. So, with that knowledge on board, i’ve just got to figure out how to do it!

And then, yesterday, I FINALLY received some positive news from Canada!!! Apparently “15th April is realistic”. This still means hanging round in Dull Darlo for another 6 weeks which may half kill me and there’ll be two more end-of-month financial disasters to avert. However, it also means Carl and I get 6 weeks longer together, and 6 weeks longer to sell the house.

And at least I can be reassured that the job is going to be kept open for me, and that alone is an incredible relief!!

This is the GOAL:



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