Q.: How many surrealists does it take to make a latte?


Aaaaaaaaaaanyhooo. Life is getting more and more surreal. Carl and Miranda have now flown home which is very sad, because Miri loved the snow and it was fun just sharing all these bizarre new experiences with Carl for a change – the vast majority of my travelling has been solo. Also, since we’re intent on actually moving here on a permanent basis, I don’t feel like I can make decisions on jobs or housing or anything without Carl’s input as well. However, moving around the town, chasing things up and house hunting is considerably easier without having to fight Miri into four layers of clothing first, and you can get around quicker without manhandling the pushchair through the snow too! It has also halved my hostel bill. So, sorry baby, but you get to go harrass Granny and Grandad for a week! Carl seemed to survive the flights home with Miri without too much hassle, anyway, which is good because it can’t have been easy!

So, this leaves me with another week of trying desperately to find a means of staying here. Ken from Kave Haz is still resting up after knee surgery, so I won’t see him to find out what on earth is going on, until at least tomorrow if not Friday. However, I am too paranoid to rely on him entirely, and so I am scouting around trying to find anything else. Not exactly easy, but Things have that odd way of working out for me, which is where it starts getting surreal.

The first night we were in Regina, we went to a restaurant called the Fainting Goat, and got chatting to the very friendly waitress. Turns out, she also works for CBC radio!! And, she was very interested in my coffee adventures and me turning up in Regina for this job, and invited me to come on the show! eep. She was trying to get Ken on with me to talk coffee and Kave Haz, which would be a great bit of publicity for him. But with him laid up after the operation and my job being so unsure, we’ve left it for a while until the situation is more stable. But you never know, I could get my 15 mins of fame in Regina after all!

As mentioned before, we’ve made several visits to a place called Roca Jacks, the manager of which, Tamara, is a fellow coffee enthusiast/geek. I am off to meet her tonight to discuss coffee and opportunities and so on, and I am quite excited! She says “you should have no problem finding work here, it’s just the economics of it” – erm, well yes, “the economics” is exactly the problem!! Roca Jacks is a franchise though, so maybe, just maaaaybe there may be some opportunities at the company HQ if not in the actual branch itself.

I’ve also handed in CVs to two other coffee shops, both of which were pretty decent, one was a Starschmucks clone, the other is also a restarant and seemed to be filled with earnest sounding yoghurt weavers and woo-merchants. I think I might be too cynical for that place. Carl has also handed in his CV at two companies in Regina, (one was an extremely long walk in the snow to the Old Warehouse District, but at least we got to see far more of the town that way!) and he’s applied for another one online. So, we’ll keep our fingers crossed, but it is encouraging that there are at least some vacancies for jobs he has the skills to do.

Having seen Carl and Miri off at the airport, I came back to the hostel and messed around on the internet on ‘Saskjobs’ – and guess what popped up on the screen? A job actually at this hostel!! Both women who work on the desk here are leaving in December, so they are advertising for their jobs. It’s just 20hrs a week, but this is a fun place, very social and if Kave Haz can only offer part time hours now, I could potentially do both and make a full time wage to live off. Again, the owner here was incredibly laid back about it – “yeah just leave us your details and I’ll give you a call in January…” Riiiiiiight.

And finally, fellow-hostel-buddy, Lloyd has worked all over Canada, and I was explaining the coffee PhD to him. He suggested looking up Salt Spring Island, because he knew it had a coffee company based there. Salt Spring Island is off Vancouver island, right over the other side of the country, a stunningly beautiful place judging by pictures on Google! Madonna has a house there, apparently, as does Patrick Stewart. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand, Salt Spring Coffee Company are hiring! Just baristas at the moment, but I applied and said I’d be very interested in any other jobs going within the company…. you never know!!

So, plenty of things to chase up, and all is not lost. I have a strong feeling that Things Will Work Out Somehow. They always do, even if not in the way I first anticipated. In the mean time, here are some pretty pictures of coffee in Regina.


2 thoughts on “Q.: How many surrealists does it take to make a latte?

  1. You moved to the wrong city. Saskatoon is where it’s at for coffee in the prairies. If you want to go for a coffee tour and do some roasting and cupping, give us a ring!


    1. Ah, so that means I won’t be competition for you in Regina then! I’d love to come visit, great to hear someone is doing good things with coffee in Saskatchewan. I am currently transportless and flying back to the UK on Tuesday, so a trip to Saskatoon may have to wait til the new year, but I will definitely be in touch!

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