Of Loonies and Toonies and Bear Brok

Things I am enjoying about Regina and Canada in general:

Dollar coins are called Loonies, because they have a bird on them, which is also called a Loonie. But you now get a two-dollar coin too, so they call it a Toonie. Logical, no? It did lead to the bizarre request this morning from a fellow hostel inhabitant wanting coffee out the vending machine: “Have you got 2 loonies for a toonie?” But then two dollar coins are of course, double- loonies, and so therefore, dub-loonies surely?

There is quite a lot of beer from Round Here, mainly because there is a lot of grain and wheat and so on. Tonight we tried both Cracked Canoe and a very local one called Bear Brok. Bear Brok was incredibly good! Cracked Canoe though, claimed to be a “light beer”. Only 3.5% alcohol, but presumably as a unique selling point, they’d bothered to do a full nutritional breakdown on the label. Cracked Canoe is only 90 calories a bottle! Wow! And there is 0g of fat! Therefore it must be really healthy and good for you and we should drink loads.

the national dish is macaroni and cheese, and comes in cardboard packets for 84 cents.

There are no roundabouts anywhere in the city.

The city centre has its own Globe Theatre and some Twin Towers. (not very big ones).

Traffic lights appear to work on actual clockwork and tick ominously when you press the button to cross.

On that note, I cannot get used to 2 lanes of traffic actually stopping for us (without lights) if we stand at the side of the road and look hopeful.

“Christianmingle.com” – toe curlingly, cringe-makingly excrutiatingly awful dating site, advertised every 15 minutes on TV, because God is telling single people to make the move today!

Family Guy has explicit-content warnings before, after and during the show, and apparantly is not suitable for under-14s.


Cool places include:

  • Roca Jacks coffee roasters,
  • Atlantis coffee for doing baby hot chocolates and having baristas who look about 12 yrs old,
  • The Cathedral Free House for nice beers (but its closed on Sundays??? WTF?)
  • Royal Saskatchewan museum for being free and very kid friendly, with robotic dinosaurs and a Paleo Pit
  • Turgeon Hostel with the most interesting approximation to “working stove” ever encountered.

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