Snow and coffee!

It hasn’t stopped snowing all day!

The TV said it was -16C today. If it was, then -16C is fairly easy to tolerate. We walked a long way today (trying to push Miri’s buggy through snowdrifts actually made us sweaty!). Regina is still beautiful even in winter, and we all love snow!

I am feeling far more positive today, even though we had another set back. The Canadian laid-back-to-the-point-of-being-horizontal attitude is being to grate the nerves. Carl rang the university to say he was in the area, and could he come visit and see about the job he’d applied for there. The secretary was very non-commital and vague on the phone, but did not say the job had already gone. Instead, she just said Carl should stop by whenever he wanted. So we headed down there optimistically, only to find the admin office was closed up for the day, and on enquiry within the department, we discovered a shortlist of applicants for the job had been drawn up, and Carl wasn’t on it. 😦 This is sad, frustrating, and does leave me dependent on Kave Haz for an income. But the uni could just have told Carl over the phone that he hadn’t been selected, surely? Instead of letting us get our hopes up, and more importantly, knowing that would have given us a better idea of our budget when we were house hunting yesterday.

Still, Carl and Miranda had their first Tim Hortons coffee (and numerous doughnuts) in the uni student union. The coffee was truly terrible (it arrived pre-mixed with milk and pre-sweetened without us asking for it – and it tasted like instant coffee. Lucky its so cheap really!). Miranda is now addicted to’ Timbits’ though!!
Tim Hortons is weird. It is THE Canadian coffee chain, (despite being bought out by an American company, apparently) there are far, far more of them than there are Starbucks in Regina, and there are leftover cups emblazoned with their logo all over the place. But, it is more of a doughnut emporium than a coffee shop. It is cheap and cheerful and sugary, and everyone loves it. What really surprised Carl though was that all the coffee is ‘drip’ – ie: filtered. Not espresso. Nothing even attempting espresso, not even a bean to cup machine. Just filter. I wrote about this last time I came out to Regina on my coffee blog but it is still so strange to me that espresso is still a rarity here.

Mind you, there is this:

Now, normally this would have been enough to tip me over the edge. However, earlier today, I found Roca Jacks. Apparently its a franchise, but there is now only one left in Regina. This is a proper coffee place. Espresso machine, check! And filter as well. House blend. Fresh coffee to buy in bean form. Aaaaand they roast their own on the premises! YAY! Their espresso was the best I’ve had in Canada so far, dare I say it, better than Kave Haz! I got talking to the manager, and she and the barista were very into their coffee and seemed very friendly. I left my CV there and the manager said she’d love to talk more, she has some exciting sounding plans…. This all sounds Very Encouraging. Weeee!!



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