Our house (2 bed semi, big garden, and SAUNA!) has been on the market since September and so far we have had precisely no one interested in it. Nada. Nuffink. Not a sausage. This is a bit worrying. But then, this is the UK in a recession, worse, it is in the Grim North East and the housing market is basically at a standstill. We got a board outside this morning just in case that helps! (We originally thought that people don’t really drive up and down cul-de-sacs in Darlington looking for places for sale. Most house-hunters are capable of Googling anyway. And if you search the interwebs, you eventually come up with this: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-19882884.html You don’t need a for sale sign for this!!) Anyway, our house – the first one we ever bought and where we have lived for the last seven years – is now up for sale. Shall I miss it? I don’t know. I doubt it.

In other news, we are booking flights to go visit Regina again in a fortnight’s time. Carl needs to see the city properly and I need to touch base with New Boss and start seriously house-hunting over there. We’re coming back here for Christmas (otherwise my parents would never forgive us) and I’m looking to move over in the new year, with Carl following with Miranda as soon as he can.
Carl applied for a job over there too, and it would make life so, so much easier if he had something to go to as well as me. I don’t think he’d enjoy too long spent being a stay-at-home Dad, he’d be too bored! So far, they’ve contacted us to say they are considering his application and have received his references. He emailed the other day saying my LMO had come through and that he can now get an open work permit, and that we were heading out there and could he come visit? (ie: hinting for an interview). The reply was so laidback as to be a bit unnerving!! “Yes, pop in whenever you can!”. Not sure what to make of that. It does imply, if they don’t mind him visiting, they haven’t appointed anyone else for the position yet. But then, they are hardly clamouring for him to come over, and haven’t mentioned an actual formal interview either.
That, coupled with New Boss’s resigned despondancy about his staffing issues, and the THREE MONTH wait for Service Canada to issue the LMO, just confirms the stereotype that Canadians are laidback to the point of being horizontal!!!
Now, I almost constantly have a huge amount of stress. I exist in a state of permanent over-caffeination, and for the last year, I have juggled setting up and running my own business full time, writing my PhD thesis and looking after my daughter 24/7 all at the same time. Having now finished the PhD (more or less), I am currently in the process of handing over my business to my partner, selling the house, getting everything organised for emigration, still looking after Miranda all day every day while Carl is at work, and I’ve just voluntarily embarked on National Novel Writing Month – trying to write 50,000 words in 30 days.
I actually think the adjustment to laid back, chilled out, unhurried Canadians is going to be pretty hard for me!! On the other hand, a break would really, really do me good.


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