Finally it arrives!

I am legit!

After an excrutiating wait of precisely 12 weeks and 5 days, Service Canada finally issued My New Boss with a positive Labour Market Opinion. This document is basically identifying a skills shortage in the local area, and allows prospective employers to recruit internationally if they can’t find any applicants locally. Without it, I couldn’t get a work permit, even though I received the offer of the job back in July! So, he sent my copy over, and now I am all set to get my work permit and move over there!

The wait was agonising… it could have been rejected at any point, so not knowing for three months has meant we’ve been completely unable to plan anything, or sort out what is happening with my cafe, or Carl’s job, or my PhD viva, or selling our house here in the UK… etc. Now we know it is all definitely going to happen, it is such a huge relief! But then, the list of Things To Do As Soon As Possible is looking stressfully long, complicated and expensive….

But even so….



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